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We try to consider as mutch as possible our users' feedback, suggestions and comments. End user satisfaction is very important to us and we think that giving you the opportunity to speak your mind is the best way to do so.

Each email sent will be replied personnally. Give it a try!

You have an App idea?

...but you can't or don't have time to produce it? Try us. Send us your idea and we'll most certainly analyse it.

Help - Android Application We tried to make things as simple as possible.

Using Timed Tasks should be quite straight forward:

1. Click on the Add Schedule button (blue Plus sign) on the top right of the main page to create a new schedule.

add schedule - Timed Tasks

2. Choose what type of schedule you want to make (out of WiFi, Aiplane Mode, Bluetooth, Data (APN - 3G), Screen brightness, Ringtone sound mode and Auto-Sync.

Select Schedule - Timed Tasks

3. Enter the start and end times (click on None if you want to skip one of those two), tap the days of the week you want this schedule to trigger (at least one) and enter a description for this schedule. Note that for some specific schedules, you'll have access to certain options: drag bars for the brightness, Location for the Airplane Mode, Sound mode radio buttons for ringtone sound mode schedule.

Set Schedule - Timed Tasks Time Selection - Timed Tasks Schedule Setted - Timed Tasks

4. Save the schedule and you're done.

Schedule Done - Timed Tasks

To deactivate a schedule, from the main screen tap on the corresponding ON/OFF button.

To delete or edit a schedule, from the main screen tap on the schedule. A context menu will pop up. Choose Edit or Delete.


Don't hesitate to send us feedback!


How to use the Data Connectivity Schedule (APN -3G):

We didn't want to release an application that needs a rooted phone to work. Unfortunately, we're not able to trigger the Data connection without that. We implemented a workaround that will change the APN from "" to "[disabled]".

Most apps on the market do the same. It's a bit tricky to make it work if you don't understand the process but it works. Steps:

1. Connect to the Internet with Data connection (no wifi).

2. Install the Timed Tasks Home Widget on your home screen (launcher) and tap on it to switch off the Data connection.

3. You are ready to launch the schedule: we saved the previous APN in the database and replaced the phone's with [disabled].

4. So set a schedule whenever you want, the device will respond and connect to the net.


To remove the schedule, do the steps inverse: Delete the schedules, activate the Data connection with the Timed Tasks Home Widget, remove the Widget and switch the data off with other App/parameter.

Follow these steps in case you have a problem with the DATA connexion, if you're unable to connect your device to the 3G/DATA network after using the App or uninstalled it improperly:
1. Open the phone Parameters
2. Open Wireless & networks
3. Open Mobile networks
4. Open Access Point Names
5. When on that screen, you have 2 options:
     * either change manually your APNs (simply remove the '[disabled]' string) by taping on them...
     * or - better - tap on the Menu button of your phone then on Reset to default.

This should reset your APN settings and grant access to your 3G/DATA connexion again.
Why is that? Because what TimedTasks does to shut down 3G/DATA connexion is modifying the APN (adding the '[disabled]' string at the end - witch is quite standard when comparing with other Apps) so that the phone will never find its way to the web.
So by removing the added string to the APN, we grant 3G/DATA connexion back.



How to set a location to allow the Airplane Mode trigger:

As you would'nt want to be in Airplane Mode if you're on the go, we brought to you the "Location check" functionality. If you set it as explained below, Timed Tasks will check your location before switching your phone to Airplane Mode. Quite handy.

1. Make sure you are connected to the internet to see your location on the map (see below) .

2. Follow the usual steps to add a new Airplane Mode schedule .

3. In the Schedule configuration screen, check the "Launch aiplane mode only if at specific place" option and push the "Set Location" button.

4. If you're connected to the internet, you will see your position on the map. If not, you'll just see your postion in a blank screen.µ

Map View - Timed Tasks

5. If you're at home, simply tap your location to select it. If not, search for your home adress in the search field on the top of the screen. When you're sure about the location, tap it to select it.

6. That's all for location setting, save your schedule as usual and you're done.

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