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We try to consider as mutch as possible our users' feedback, suggestions and comments. End user satisfaction is very important to us and we think that giving you the opportunity to speak your mind is the best way to do so.

Each email sent will be replied personnally. Give it a try!

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anonimous user Hey,
Awesome work with timed tasks. I was wondering if it was possible to add the option to enable / disable autosync as well?

Keep up the great work.
17-10-2011 15:22:43

anonimous user instead of only 'ring-silent-vibrate' for sound options, you should make volume levels selectable. 28-10-2011 02:13:59

anonimous user Buono 26-11-2011 21:19:47

anonimous user do you have an option to control GPS? 29-11-2011 22:11:56

anonimous user Can you provide a one touch override button for those days when I have an early start or late finish and want a quick way to temporary override the current settings? 02-12-2011 07:37:49

anonimous user awsm thank you 4 dis mastrpiece 23-12-2011 05:33:49

anonimous user Really cool app! 27-12-2011 04:53:31

anonimous user a rear application I was looking for 17-01-2012 14:29:52

anonimous user its amazeing 21-01-2012 14:13:58

anonimous user Dear Sirs, your app works perfectly, However it might be interesting to have a single reset button for all the timed tasks, instead of a reset button for each one, specially when you use TASK MANAGER and close all the programs, to free memory. 24-01-2012 19:07:44



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