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Timed Tasks - Android Application Timed Tasks is a connectivity, screen brightness and device sound scheduler.

We know that many other apps out there can do the same thing but this application aims at being simple to use but still very functional and handy.

It's biggest strength is in the main screen: All the planned schedules are summed up and can be activated or deactivated by a simple tap. Also, the recurrence configurable for each day of the week makes it simple to understand and very usefull.

How can this be useful? Well, instead of listing all its capabilities, we'll give you examples of how this can be used to make your life simpler.


1. Airplane Mode Schedules

Say you're a normal person that sleeps at night... what would you need your phone connected for? If you use your phone as an alarm clock to wake up in the morning, you'll probably have it by your bed, all night. That means if someone wants to wake you up at 4 AM just to laugh about your lazy voice... you'll at least be woken up by the ring tone.

The solution is Timed Tasks. Create a new schedule to have the Airplane Mode turned on when you go to sleep and turned off when you wake up... You'll sleep sound without having to activate any thing manually! Plus, you'll notice big battery savings as the phone will have a very low consumption rate while in airplane mode, and you'll have no waves passing through your brains...

Now, you might not be at home every day at the time you have set your Airplane Mode schedule. In that case, you won't want your phone to be in Airplane mode. We thought about that. Since the release 1.0, you can specify a place to be as a condition to trigger the mode. If you're not there, the phone will retry an hour later.


2. WiFi Schedules

A cool functionality in Android is the automatic updates. You can configure your phone to have it automatically update your accounts (email, calendar, ...) when connected to the Internet.

By scheduling the WiFi connection to activate at times that you know you'll be near a WiFi network you already connected to, you'll update your phone for free.

Say you're used to go drink a coffee every week day at 10AM, you know that you'll cross a friendly WiFi network à that point. Create a WiFi schedule to connect to the WiFi between 10AM and 10:15, you'll have an updated phone, free of charge.


3. Data Connectivity Schedules

Say you need to connect to the 3G network every working day at 12AM. Schedule a Data(APN) connection. Please read the how to before doing so as this application does not require to root the device before use and can't use the real Data trigger, but changes the APN instead.

Tip: Schedule also a WiFi connection, if a known network is reachable, you'll save your Data plan as WiFi connection has priority on Android.


4. Bluetooth Schedules

You know that you're in your car every day between 7AM and 8AM? You don't want to have to trigger you Bluetooth on each time you enter your car and off each time you get out? Leaving it on all day would use the battery life for nothing, so use Timed Tasks to schedule a Bluetooth connection!


5. Ringtone Mode Schedule

If it bothers you to keep manually switching to silent mode every week day and keep on disturbing the meetings you attend because you forgot to silent you phone (or were simply late to the meeting so you couldn't silent it...),  make your life simpler with Timed Tasks! Trigger the Vibrate or Silent mode on during your work hours.


6. Screen Brightness Schedule

You know this feeling you have when you have to look at you phone at night (i.e. to see what time it is) but know that its screen brightness is so high that you'll hurt your eyes? This can be bypassed thanks to Timed Tasks. It's a small thing but adds to your day to day comfort.

Choose the brightness you want to have at any time of the day (i.e. very bright at noon and very low at night) in a new Brightness schedule to make things smooth and easy.




You can download this application for free on the Android Market.


Timed Tasks

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Timed Tasks

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