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We try to consider as mutch as possible our users' feedback, suggestions and comments. End user satisfaction is very important to us and we think that giving you the opportunity to speak your mind is the best way to do so.

Each email sent will be replied personnally. Give it a try!

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Help - Android Application Help on Brut Net - BE


Very straight forward use:

Enter the gross salary in the first input box and tap the calculate button. The result and its details will instantly show.


You can ad more options by taping on the "Autres Options" (Other Options) bar. If you're not single, you'll be asked for even more details.


You can reset the calculation by tapping the "Effacer" (Erase) button and save the amounts for further consultation by tapping the "Sauver" (Save) button.


- Saved amounts:

Selecting the "Sauvegardes" option, you will be displayed a list of all the saved amounts and their details. You can quick-tap or long-tap them.

Quick-tapping will instantly display the calculation details. Long-tapping will pop a delete confirmation for you to delete the tapped entry.


- Net-Brut:

Change the calculation direction from Gross -> Net to Net -> Gross. It will display the same screen, to be used with the same process.


- Feedback (needs internet connexion)

- Quit


Send us an email if you have questions or feedback.

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