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Brut Net BE - Android Application Brut Net - BE is the most simple application but still quite useful if you're a belgian employee.

Knowing how mutch your Net salary will be based on the Gross is not an easy thing in Belgium. You'd at least have to search on the internet for an accurate converter... well, not anymore!

With Brut Net - BE, in few seconds and without Internet (the Internet connection is only needed if you enter the feedback form), you'll have your result and it's very accurate!


As Belgian social laws are quite complicated, we decided to focus on only several critera for the calculation: Gross salary, number of kids, marital status. Other things part of salary package and advantages will not be taken into account... but the difference is not that big.


All the calculation you make can be saved on your device and recalculated whenever you want via the menu.

Since Release 3.0, you're also able to do the inverse calculation: from Net to Gross.




You can download this application for free on the Android Market.


Brut Net BE

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Brut Net BE

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