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We try to consider as mutch as possible our users' feedback, suggestions and comments. End user satisfaction is very important to us and we think that giving you the opportunity to speak your mind is the best way to do so.

Each email sent will be replied personnally. Give it a try!

You have an App idea?

...but you can't or don't have time to produce it? Try us. Send us your idea and we'll most certainly analyse it.

Blacklister - Android Application Blacklister is a usefull app that helps you to gain control on who can reach you when.

Say you're self employed and use the same number for work and private calls. Would'nt you need a way to block all the professional calls in the evenigs or on the week-ends?

That can be made very easilly with Blacklister:

1. Tap on the contact icon of the "Work" circle to display the complete list of your contacts;


2. Check the people that you consider as professionnal contacts;

3. Go back to the main screen and set the different schedules to block that circle;


4. You're done.


With this app, you can:

- Add unlimited schedules to each circle (exept the ++Blacklisted++ circle that groups all your contacts you never want to talk to - you don't need to set a schedule to block these cotacts);

- Add unlimited circles;


- Pause and Start the schedules again simply;

- Edit and delete the schedules;

- Block or unblock all your contacts in one click.


As this app is still in young stage, we are open to any suggestions, feedback and comments on the design, functionalities, etc, so please give us a shout when you get the chance.



You can download this application for free on the Android Market.



Click here from your browser.


Click here from your Android device.

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