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We try to consider as mutch as possible our users' feedback, suggestions and comments. End user satisfaction is very important to us and we think that giving you the opportunity to speak your mind is the best way to do so.

Each email sent will be replied personnally. Give it a try!

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Help - Android Application The application Belgian Beers is quite simple to use. This help section will provide a detailed description of the available features and how to use them.


The Main Screen:

There are 4 different parts on the main screen: The search, the featured beers and buttons, the personal top five and buttons, and the community top five and buttons. We'll describe them in different sections below.

- The Search:

If you want to search for a belgian beer, you'll probably want to use the search feature. Just tap on the input box, and start typing the name of the beer. Click on the Search button to display the descriptive card of the beer you searched. You'll have to enter the full name for the application to be able to find it. The reason for that is that there is no intermediary screen between the main screen and the beer card. To help you with the full name, suggestions will appear below the input box after you entered the two firs letters.


- The Featured Beers and Buttons:

On the half left of this section, you'll find the suggsted beer. This suggestion is based on your previous ratings (see the feature list for more details). This beer is presented like the other beers of the screen, with it's name, alcool rate, coulot (represented by an image) and type. You'll find your rating above the community rating if you have rated it (witch will never bee the case for the suggested beer). By clicking on thes beer information, you'll be redirected to the beer card.

On the half right of this section, you'll have 3 buttons: Next, Featured and Help. Next will calculate a new suggestion (see above), Featured will get from our servers the featured beer and display its card*, Help will display a quick help popup.


- The personal Top Five and Buttons:

Ratings you make are saved on the database and will enable the application to 1. suggest a beer you might like and 2. display the top five of your prefered beers. That last point is what we'll find in this section. By clicking on any of those beers, you'll see its card. You'll see 2 beers on a row except for the first one where you'll have buttons on the right: Browse, Stats and Suggest. Browse will give you access to the complete list of the beers you've rated, the beers you haven't rated and the beers rated by the community. Stats is not released yet. Suggest will give you the possibility to send us a beer you'd like to add to the application's database.


- The Community Top Five and Buttons*:

In the same way we display the personal top five, the community's average ranking will determine what beers will be displayed here. Three buttons will display if you're connected to the Internet: Awards, Discover and Feedback. At this point, only the Feedback button is functional and it will display a feedback form that wu'll be able to use to send us feedback on this application. Note that having feedback from the users is very important and will help us improving the solution. Also, as we change design templates and add some features, we'd like to know if we're going in the right direction, so don't hesitate!.


The Browsing Sreen:

Three tabulations can be found on this screen and display a different list of beers: The beers you rated, the beers you havn't rated and the beers rated by the community*. The first group is sorted using your rating, descending, and the last group is sorted using the community rating, descending. There is a maximum of 10 beers per page, and you'll be able to tap on the arrows to navigate from a page to another.


The Suggestion Screen:

Only the beer name you are suggesting is necesary for this suggestion but you'll help us by keying the other information. We'll probably find the beer easilly and our checks might be smoother.


The Feedback Screen:

By sending us feedback, you're helping us to make this application a better one. By leaving us your email, we'll be able to answer to your request, maybe explain why wi did things like we did or maybe simply thank you for thour feedback. We ARE NOT going to use yur email for further commercials on other apps, or sell whatever information ot third parties. We might event never use it. By entering your email, you're just giving us the possibility to come back to you with answers.


*An Internet connection is required for this feature.

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