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We try to consider as mutch as possible our users' feedback, suggestions and comments. End user satisfaction is very important to us and we think that giving you the opportunity to speak your mind is the best way to do so.

Each email sent will be replied personnally. Give it a try!

You have an App idea?

...but you can't or don't have time to produce it? Try us. Send us your idea and we'll most certainly analyse it.

Beer is one of the pillars of Belgian culture and is a pride of this small country.

There is more than a thousand of different types, tastes and fabrication techniques, some still brewed by actual monks!

Belgian Beers - Android ApplicationBelgian Beers is promoting the beer diversity, trying to hilight those you havn't tasted... yet!


The community of users will help giving precious advice on what's appreciated or not and you'll be able to participate with your own taste.

List of features:

- We pick a beer you might like from the Database

Based on the color and type of the beers you rated, one you havn't tasted yet will be displayed on the main screen. It will be selected from the database by considering the previous ratings to make sure you'll love it.Belgian Beers - We choose for you!

If you don't want to taste that particular beer but would like another suggestion, the NEXT button will flag it so it won't appear as a suggestion again and you'll have another proposition.


- We select a specific beer that we promote as the beer of the month* Belgian Beers - Featured

Another way to discover a beer is to click on the Featured link. It will redirect you to the beer card and you'll be able to rate it directly.


- Help page Belgian Beers - Help

A popup page will display when clicking on the info icon on the main page. Its purpose is not to deliver a detailed help page (one that you can find on this website), but to give a quick indication on how to use the application. If something is obviously missing, please use the feedback form to notify us and we'll change it for the following release.


- Display your top five beers

Upon the beers you've rated, the top five is displayed on the main screen. That way, you can have an accurate idea of what your tastes are when talking about beers.

Belgian Beers - Personal Top Five


- Display the top five of the community*

Lets say you havn't tasted the prefered beers of the community. Why wouldn't you try them? The community top 5 is also displayed on the main page tfor a quick acces.

Belgian Beers - Community Top Five


- Browse beers from the database

Belgian Beers - Browse

You have the browse button on the main screen that will display the list of all the beers you have rated. It will be divided in pages of maximum 10 beers per page. On other tabs, you'll see the beers you haven't rated yet and the complete list of beers rated by the community.






- Suggest a beer that's not in the Database*

Belgian Beers - Suggest Beer

A simple form that you can access from the main screen will enable you to send us a beer suggestion. The database has for now only a little more than 200 beers and 40 breweries. As collecting data is a time consuming work, we could only propose that mutch in a first place but you're free to ask for a beer you know that's not there and we'll update the database with it in the following release. Just one rule is to keep in mind: we're only updating Belgian Beers.








- Give us feedback on this application!*Belgian Beers - Feedback Form

The feedback form is there for that. Please use it and we'll make sure your advice is taken into account. You'll acces the form by clicking on the feedback button, on the main screen. Leaving your email is not mandatory but might help if we need more precisions.


- Change your Login Name*

When you first connect to the application, if you're connected to internet, you'll have to enter a login name. This is the name we'll use to identify you when posting a rating or a comment. If you want to change your login name, click on the "change login name" button in the menu of the main screen. All your ratings and comments will be updated with your new name.

* The features tagged with this star are only available when connected to the Internet.



You can download this application for free on the Android Market.


Belgian Beers

Click here from your browser.

Belgian Beers

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